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Travel & International Medical Insurance Quotes!

Travel Plans for people going to or from the United State with policy periods starting at 180 days and up to 1 year (plans may be eligible for renewal).  Seven Corner's most popular plan is Round Trip (providing trip cancellation along with medical coverage).  Options for Groups as well (Missionaries and Travel Groups).  Seven Corners also has coverage options for Inbound Immigrants for individuals that are waiting for major medical eligibility (coverage for up to 5 years) The inbound immigrant product is available for immigrants of any age. Including over age 65.  Click on the appropriate image below for quotes and more information!

Need help deciding which travel plan is right for you?  Try the Seven Corner Interactive Travel Insurance Guide!

Once you purchased a Seven Corners plan register for Well Abroad it give you instant access and information about Tourist attractions and destination happenings, along with information about Doctors, Hospitals, and clinics.  Providing you a complete Travel Guide.

HCC  is a company that is similar to Seven Corners frequently with options for lower medical limits.  Click on the image or here to get a quote on the HCC's Atlas product

Azimuth's most popular plan is the Meridian Travel Plan.  An annual medical plan for people that live outside of their home country for more than 6 months.  (Non-US Citizens coming to the US or US Citizens going over sea's for more than 6 months).  US Coverage is network based (like a PPO) and coverage for overseas is traditional major medical (you submit claim for payment-Emergency situations are co-ordinated through Azimuth)  Optional maternity coverage available.  Individual can not be pregnant at time of purchase.  Plans are subject to underwriting.  To get a quote click on the image above or here.

Take a look at the Global Citizen product, a top of the line international medical insurance plan for US Citizens going out of the country for long term care medical insurance.  IN and out of Network benefits.  With optional maternity coverage.  Individual can not be pregnant at time of purchase.  Similar to PPO network.  Pre-existing conditions may be covered after 6 months options for over-sea's only or full coverage.  In most area's considered to be creditable coverage. 

HTH also has other products that supplement US health insurance that will even pay for some pre-existing conditions while you travel.  These products typically offer coverage for up to 180 days. 

Click on the HTH image above or here to get quotes from HTH now!
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