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Specialty Automobile Insurance

Specialty Automobile Insurance Information

What Is Specialty Car Insurance 

Specialty Auto Insurance covers vehicles that may not be properly covered by a normal auto policy.  In general this type of policy provides coverage for expensive, exotic or otherwise nonstandard vehicles that require special auto insurance coverage considerations and adjusted coverage amounts.   

The most common types of specialty car insurance are as follows:

    Classic car insurance
    Street drive insurance
    Low Rider insurance
    Kit  car insurance
    Antique cars and pickups
    Modified or customize vehicles
    Custom motorcycle insurance
    Antique commercial vehicles

Specialty Car Insurance Coverage Considerations

It is normal for a specialty auto policy to provide coverage up to a specified amount in the coverage policy contract. In most cases coverage amounts are predetermined and agreed to by both the insured and the insurer (an "agreed value endorsement").

In addition, a specialty auto insurance policy may require special arrangements for securing and storing a vehicle. For example, many specialty auto insurance policies require that an insured vehicle be kept in a locked garage or trailer when not in use.

Besides storage restrictions, your specialty auto policy may place restrictions on the number of miles that your insured vehicle can be driven in a given year and also types of uses for which the vehicle is allowed. Many specialty auto insurance policyholders show their vehicles at car shows and car clubs, and may choose to get coverage for only when the vehicle is going to or from these types of events. 

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