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Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance Information

There are many types of different policy that can by used for Construction and Contractors. 

Construction projects require a variety of insurance coverages to protect the parties associated with the project. First-party coverages protect the interest of the owner and contractor in the project itself, while third-party coverages protect those involved in the project from liability claims made by others.

Some Types of Policies you may want to consider include:

Builders Risk

Builders risk insurance reimburses the owner of the project for damage to the work itself while the project is under construction. Coverage can be procured by the owner or the general contractor to protect all parties who have an interest in the project.

Commercial General Liability

Liability insurance protects against claims presented by third parties who suffer bodily injury or property damage as a result of the construction activity.

Workers Compensation

Workers' compensation insurance is statutorily required by all states of employers to cover injuries to employees during the course and scope of employment.

Automobile Liability

Any individual or company owning a vehicle on the construction job site needs to maintain automobile liability insurance in the event of injury or property damage.

Contractors Pollution Liability

With heightened awareness of the environment and stringent laws in place, it is much more common for contractors to maintain pollution liability insurance. Policies provide protection for environmental claims commonly excluded by general liability policies.

No matter what kind of company you are in, it's important to consider Contractors Insurance for your business. Anything can happen at any time, and you need to be prepared. For example, imagine if someone had a fall and was seriously injured on their own your property where you were working, would you be covered?

What if one of your subcontractors gets into an accident while working for you. Or if someone claims damages due to advertising you've done. These are things that every business owner needs to think about, and contractors insurance can protect you from these situations.

If you are a contractor in the US there are certain types of insurance policies that you will need to have in order to make certain that you are guarded at all times. It goes without saying that you will use a lot of tools and equipment in your job. These things can be covered with Contractors Insurance.

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