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Excess & Umbrella Liability

Many years ago, a million-dollar judgment for an insurance claim was unheard of. Today, nearly 1 in 10 firms has suffered a liability loss of $5 million or more over the past 5 years. Judgments and settlements exceeding $10 million are commonplace.

What would cause such a loss? 
There are a lot of scenario's that can cause these kinds of losses.  There have been lawsuits with judgements awarded over 10 million dollars, some over 20 million for things such as food poisoning, or a trucker causing a serious accident. A patron leaves your restaurant intoxicated and casuses a major accident.  Regardless of the nature of your business there is a good chance that at some point you are at risk from an unexpected event that may impact either a customer or normal person unintentionally.

A single loss can be devestating and destroy your business.  That is why it is important to protect your business with either a commercial umbrella or excess liability policy.  It is also important to find the policy that will fit your needs, not every excess liability or umbrella policy is the same.

Some types of Liability that we offer:

Liquor Liability
Excess Liability
Errors and Omissions
General Liability
and more.

To learn more about your options for umbrella or excess liability contact or call the Garsys Agency at 866-432-4753.

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