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Why Buy Long-Term Care Insurance  
Protect Your Assets
You work hard and save your money so that you can enjoy your retirement some day. Maybe you dream about the trips you might take or the fun you're going to have with all that time on your hands. Chances are, you're not thinking about the possibility of needing long-term care. Maybe you should.

Long term care is expensive. In 2004, the national average cost for home care per hour is $18 and the average daily rate for a private room in a nursing home was $192 ($70,080 annually)* Home care and nursing home care costs will continue to increase each year. Is that how you want to spend the savings you worked so hard to acquire?

Long term care insurance can help. It fills the gaps in coverage left by medical plans not intended to cover the cost of a home health aid or the expense associated with nursing home confinement. It provides benefits for long-term care services that are covered in a limited way by government programs like Medicare or Medicaid.

Long term care insurance is an affordable way to protect yourself and your family members from the financial burdens often associated with long-term care.

Preserve Your Independence
You're an independent person. You've always enjoyed good health. You may not think of yourself as a candidate for long term care services, at least not until you're much older. But long-term care situations can happen at any point during your life, due to illness or an accident.

Did you know that 40% of the 12 million people who are receiving long term care are under age 65? That's 4.8 million people who probably didn't think they would need long-term care services either.**** What would you do if you could no longer manage to do everyday tasks without assistance? Could you depend on your spouse? What about other family members? If they work or live far away, your options become less clear.

Long term care insurance doesn't just pay benefits for care provided in a nursing home. A comprehensive long-term care insurance plan can pay for services that help you remain at home, like visits from a registered nurse or home health aid or home modifications that can help you manage on your own.

Long term care insurance offers coverage that will give you the flexibility you need to make decisions about the kind and site or care that works best for you.

*The MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home & Home Care Costs September 2004. MetLife Mature Market Institute
****U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 2001

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